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From The Elegance Of An Empire

To The Sophistication Of Today


Napoli Culinary Academy of America is Proud To Present The Specially-Crafted Persian 7000  Vodka
110 Proof
6 Times Distilled

Hassi Sadri, the founder of the Award-Winning, Napoli Culinary Academy of America, introduces his own Exceptional Recipe of Persian 7000  Vodka. 

A masterpiece of knowledge gathered from over 61 years of his international culinary expertise and travel, researching exotic cultures and history, created this incredibly smooth, classic vodka, made from the finest ingredients and the most extraordinary skill.



55% Alcohol by volume 110. Proof
Proudly Made in the USA



Golden Triangle Energy affirms that our 190 proof and 200 proof ethyl alcohols are gluten-free, and do no contain any added gluten.  Our processing equipment is dedicated to the handling of only naturally gluten-free products, specifically
#2 Yellow Corn.  Furthermore, only #2 Yellow Corn is used for the production of alcohol at Golden Triangle Energy, and all processing aids and ingredients used are also gluten-free.  It is important to note that distillation will not volatilize any protein, and therefore we can unequivocally state that none of Golden Triangle Energy's alcohol contains gluten.  One distillation would remove any traces of gluten proteins.  Golden Triangle food grade alcohol passes through six distillation stages during the refining process. All corn purchased by Golden Triangle Energy must comply with the Missouri Department of Agriculture, USDA, EPA, and FDA regulations.  Our procedures and method are audited annually by the Missouri Department of Agriculture for compliance to state regulations

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